Moshe Rosenthalis   1922 - 2008

Moshe Rosenthalis

Current Exhibition: Moshe Rosenthalis - Music Part II

Concerto for Love at First Sight
Oil Sticks, Mixed Media and Colages on paper
Closing October 13th 2012



8 Namal Yaffo St. Yaffo
Tel. 03-682-8578


Homage à Rosenthalis - Three Exhibitions, One Book and a Film:
11.11.2009 - 23.1.2010

"From Within the Waves"
Warehouse No. 2, Old Port of Jaffa
Reworked Paintings 1959-2008
Rosenthalis House, Jaffa
The 1000 Faces of Rosenthalis
The Artists' House, Tel Aviv,

The Color of Freedom - Lithuania 2009

Exhibition Vilnius 2009

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